Sunday, 4 August 2013

First Post...AHH!

The arrival of this post is very important to me. It marks the beginning of the end, the bitter sweet arrival of my last year at school. Well, in all honestly I am a bit early; in truth I go back a week on Tuesday, but hey better early than never right?

Basically I've decided to start this blog as a sort of momentum or online diary for my last year, something to remind me of sixth year forever.  However this wont just be a random rambling of my thoughts and feelings, no, like the typical girl that I am I also enjoy purchasing makeup and clothes and items of that sort. So, I decided, why not share my purchases with the world wide web?

In the near future I will be posting my daily going on's, make up reviews and just general stuff that interests me, so for now adios amigos!

- Nadia